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Self Storage Packing and Storage Tips | American Self Storage

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Inspect your storage unit and make a list of packing accessories you will need. Commonly used packing aids include such items as newsprint or wrapping paper, bubble-wrap, tape, rope, drop cloths, polyurethane sheeting, mattress and furniture covers, pallets, skids, dehumidifiers, and cartons. The manager may have some or all of these items for sale on the premises.
Place a pallet on the floor. Do not lean items against walls. Leaving air space around the unit’s perimeter will aid ventilation. Leave a walkway to the rear of the unit. Use all the space available, including its height. Disassemble items such as bed frames.
Place frequently used items near the door.
Fill containers to capacity. Partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse. Heavy items such as books or tools should be packed in small boxes. If a carton is too heavy, it will be hard to lift and should be divided between two or more cartons.
Fragile items should be cushioned by packing and placed toward the top of the unit.
Label cartons and take home a list of the labeled cartons for easy reference when you need to locate your property.
Always wise to cover your furniture / open items to avoid dust settling on them.